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“Tasting [wine] completely blind, without any hint of what it might be, is the most useful and salutary discipline that any self-respecting taster can be given. It is not infrequently the most humiliating…”
Michael Broadbent, Wine Tasting (Mitchell Beazley: 2003), p. 105

The Cambridge University Blind Wine Tasting Society (CUBWTS) aims to increase  appreciation of wine by tasting blind (i.e. without prior knowledge of grape type, origin or grower). We provide guided instruction on wine tasting techniques and detailed information on regions and styles.

We hold weekly Sunday blind wine tastings which are open to any member of the university (though you must bring your own six glasses!). Glasses are available for purchase from the society. Tickets are sold and advertised online. At these tastings we take you through 6 whites and 6 reds, with the difficulty of the wines increasing slowly over the year, so that you learn about a huge range of different wines. The sessions are run by experienced alumni of the society, who come back to pass on their expertise and passion for wine. We also have some special sessions which are run by wine fellows or other wine experts.

In addition to general wine education, our activities also include the training of a blind wine tasting team that goes on to compete in many international competitions.


Society tastings will usually be held on Sundays from 7.30-9.30pm. Tasting sessions usually cost £19 for a selection of 12 wines. Each tasting is led by past team members and professionals from the wine industry. Our tastings, especially in Michaelmas term, are designed to be accessible to all levels of wine tasting experience.

We encourage attendees to purchase a set of 6 ISO tasting glasses and the CUBWTS tasting book, which contains valuable information about different wines, wine regions and their tasting notes.

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The 2023-2024 committee

  • President: Benson Chen
  • Secretary: Victoria Phan
  • Treasurer: Kenneth Wang
  • Events Officer: Heqing Huang
  • Alumni and Speakers: Ines de Grunchy
  • Webmaster and Ticketing: Andrey Karailiev

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