Sweet and Fortified Wines

25 February 2024 19:30

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Sweet and Fortified Wines

Both sweet wines and fortified wines have an illustrious history, intertwined with that of the European nobility and the very existence of an international wine trade.

Whether it was delectable sweet treats that served as Emperor Franz Josef’s birthday gifts to Queen Victoria, or the heavy wines of Porto shipped to England, these are undeniably some of the most historical wines of Europe.

And if their history is not quite enough, well, they have enough sugar to satisfy any sweet tooth you have!

This session will be led jointly by Benson Chen, current CUBWTS President, and Victoria Phan, the current Secretary. Between them, they have over a decade of blind tasting experience, and more than enough passion for their respective halves of this tasting to make it one not to miss!

We will be serving ten wines of varying styles.

Please bring your own set of 6 ISO tasting glasses. Glasses are available to buy here.

Due to the nature of the wines, large glasses will not be suitable for this tasting.

Date: Sunday 25th February
Time: 19:30 (Please arrive at 19:20 so we can start pouring at 19:30!)
Where: St Andrew’s Hall, St Andrew’s Rd, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1DH
Cost: £19
Tickets go on sale on Monday 19th February at 18:00.

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  • 25 February 2024
    19:30 - 21:30

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